To Do List

I have decided to take on the Day Zero 101 Things in 1001 Days Challenge. I have been focusing on setting small monthly goals for myself this year using Elise Blaha Cripe’s I Choose Goal Setting Class but I decided I needed something more long term. The idea is to complete all 101 present tasks in the 1001 days (approx 2.75 years).

Start Date: 10th May 2013  Finish Date: 5th February 2016

Tasks Completed: 36/101

Accomplished In progress Not Started


  1. Start my own blog You are here!
  2. Update my blog at least once a month
  3. Update my blog at least once a week
  4. Update my blog everyday for a month
  5. Get 100 views of my blog

Health and Fitness               

  1. Get to my ideal weight
  2. Get to my goal weight and maintain
  3. Take a Crossfit class
  4. Take a Bikram (Hot) Yoga class 
  5. Complete C25K program
  6. Complete mile-a-day challenge
  7. Run 5k without walking
  8. Run 5k in under 30 mins
  9. Do a juice cleanse
  10. Complete a 30x 30 Challenge (mins exercise/days)


  1. Complete My Childhood Albums
  2. Complete Billy’s Childhood Album
  3. Complete Mum’s History Album
  4. Complete Mum’s Family Mini Album
  5. Complete a Weekly Project Life Album (2014)
  6. Do 5 Photo a Day Challenges 5/5 (July 2013, Nov 2013, June 2014, Dec 2014, March 2015)
  7. Scan all pre-digital photos
  8. Scan pre-digital photos already in scrapbook layouts
  9. Back up all photos on hard drive (and maintain updates)
  10. Complete 3 Day in the Life Challenges 3/3 (Sept 2013, Nov 2014, Feb 2015)


  1. Finish Green Quilt (June 2015)
  2. Complete black and orange quilt
  3. Create 20 greeting cards 20/20 Here and here
  4. Complete a knitting project Here
  5. Learn to crochet
  6. Complete 10 Pinterest inspired craft items 1/10
  7. Finish Jacaranda cross stitch
  8. Make 3 items to decorate home
  9. Make a baby quilt for someone
  10. Make a clothing item


  1. Make 10 recipes I’ve pinned on Pinterest (10/10) (1&23&45,6&7)
  2. Make 10 recipes from my recipe books I haven’t tried (10/10) (124&5)
  3. Bake a loaf of bread
  4. Make pizza dough and cook on pizza stone
  5. Take a cooking class
  6. Eat vegetarian for 1 week
  7. Have 1 month where I don’t eat takeaway food
  8. Bake a sponge cake Here it is
  9. Buy a mix master
  10. Compile recipes into recipe binder


  1. Go skiing
  2. Go white water rafting
  3. Go bungee jumping
  4. Visit Melbourne
  5. Visit Uluru
  6. Go scuba diving
  7. Drive the Great Ocean Road
  8. Go to New Zealand
  9. Go to Europe (trip booked Dec 2015)
  10. Go to somewhere else in Asia


  1. Visit day spa for a full day of treatments
  2. Get new tattoo
  3. Get old tattoo re-done
  4. Read all books (that I haven’t read) on 100 101 Books List (45/101) Check out my progress here
  5. Have laser hair removal
  6. Get laser eye surgery
  7. See 3 musicals or stage shows 2/3
  8. Take a break from Guides
  9. Have a Harry Potter Movie Marathon
  10. Switch off from social media for 1 week Read about it here
  11. Take a self defence class
  12. Switch off from TV and internet for 1 week Read about it here
  13. Try 5 new cocktails 2/5 (1&2, 3,4&5 )
  14. Get my moles checked (June 2014)
  15. Learn how to ride a motorbike
  16. Have a girls getaway weekend
  17. Start a new hobby
  18. Spend a rainy day watching movies in my Pj’s
  19. Spend special Aunty time with Eli
  20. Invite friends around for a dinner party


  1. Plant veggies in garden
  2. Buy filing cabinet and transfer paperwork into it Here
  3. Spray paint fan
  4. Make my own cleaning products
  5. Move out of B & S’s
  6. Buy new couch
  7. Decorate new house
  8. Set up veggie patch at new house
  9. Set up bookcases for DVDs and Books
  10. Paint a room in house


  1. Buy new car 2007 Ford Focus purchased June 2013
  2. Have atleast $10,000 in savings by end of 1001 days
  3. Continue to not pay any interest on credit cards
  4. Pay off couch
  5. Have 1 month with no spending


  1. Don’t stay at job if really unhappy
  2. Keep applying for jobs I want to work in
  3. Apply to uni for teaching degree
  4. Complete teaching degree
  5. Find teaching job


  1. Donate Blood again July 2015
  2. Complete a charity walk/run
  3. Plant trees in community
  4. Donate clothes/household items to charity
  5. Donate platelets
  6. Donate $5 for each goal I don’t complete

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