Project Life 2015


When thinking about how I want to document 2015, I knew that I was going to continue using the Project Life system on a weekly basis. Similarly to 2014, I am planning to complete one side of a 12×12 pocket page per week as I still do not take enough photos or have a desire to have multiple albums per year (for me I can fit a year with extra inserts and my OLW documentation in one 12×12 WRMK/PL 3 ring album).

Deciding on what I was going to include in my title page was tricky. I knew I wanted 2015 in large font across the middle 4 pockets and I also wanted to include the “Go See Do” card. The cards and papers in the 4×6 pockets were all from a garage sale pack I purchases so unsure where they are from but they inspired the colour scheme. I designed the 2015 cards in the Rhonna Desgin App and printed them our and then used some Amy Tangerine stamps and also my Kikki-K Alpha stamps to add my OLW (One Little Word). I realised when I was don’t that the colour scheme was the same as the end page of my 2014 album.

So how will I document 2015. The first this I have done is pre-printed and date stamped 3×4 week in review cards. Last year I mostly used 4×6 bifold/title cards on which I stamped the week, date and used number stickers. I realised this year that I did not have enough 4×6 cards with space to write a week in review and I still am attempting to use what I have so instead I bought these digital cards designed by Paislee Press and printed them 2 up on some white PL 4×6 cards using my Epson Picturemate. I have preloaded them into my album and I will simply write a brief summary (maybe using M-S headings) for each week. I liked these as I could use them again as they didn’t have calendars or dates already pre-printed, as I’m only doing one page per week space is semi-precious and loosing a 4×6 or 3×4 pocket just to a week title or date card was too much for me.


Other things I’m going to regularly include are:

  • A monthly “CURRENTLY” card as either a 4×6 or 3×4 – listing out what I am currently doing/in to.
  • A monthly self portrait “I CHOOSE” 4×6 photo/card – I took Elise Cripe’s class in 2013 and going to use those principle to focus on completing some of my 101 in 1001 goals each month in order to keep them in the front of my mind (and actually complete them all by Feb 2016).
  • My OLW pages/activities will again by in the back of my album. I like that my 2014 pages are in with my yearly album so will continue this year.

I think my album this year will be more clean and simple (maybe) than past years. I definitely figured out my process last year and I hope to continue to document 2015 in as much, if not more, detail.


Project Life – Weeks 40, 52 and Final Page

I successfully completed a full year using a weekly approach to Project Life. I mean it wasn’t a great stretch moving from monthly to weekly spreads and printing at home made the process a whole lot easier for me. So I went through my album to make sure that I have completed all weeks and remembered that I hadn’t organised to get a 12×12 photo printed from my Cook Islands trip. In an effort to save time and money (12×12 are expensive!) what I ended up doing was printing a 12×12 photo as 6 separate 4x6s at home on my picturemate. There isn’t an exact process I just used a rock (the big black one in the bottom right photos top corner as a reference point and shifted the 4×6 crop box around the page and printed.I added my usual weekly stamps and used some black alphas for the week number and title.

I named the final week and a half of 2014 as 52 & 1/2 because writing week 53 didn’t work for me and there were only a few days in that final week. The following 2 spreads cover the week of Christmas and New Years Eve. I didn’t have many photos on Christmas day as we were running around like crazy – I hop next year isn’t as busy. The cards for the first page come from the Honey Edition and the Today card from the New Years Eve page is from Kiwi. I used the same process as usually with some labels and stickers (mix of Studio Calico, Amy Tangerine and MAMBI) to add some extra embellishment. IMG_3398 IMG_3399

For the final page of my album I wanted to do a summary page, last year I did a little highlights summary and a currently list but I saw this post from Elise Cripe and loved the idea of incorporating numbers into the final page. The cards I used come from both the Aqua and Kiwi Editions along with an assortment of alphas. IMG_3407

Project Life Weeks 48 – 51


I finally had a break today and was able to work on the last 4 weeks of Project Life. I knew heading into this week that I needed to get them done if I had any hope of completing my 2014 album before the end of the year.

Here is week 48. I used grey coloured cards from the Blush Edition along with my Studio Calico printable labels and some grey coloured Amy Tangerine stickers.

Here is week 49 using Blush Edition cards again. I kept the embellishment to a minimum as the colours were quite bright on this spread.


For weeks 50-51 I ended up combining into one page and the dedicating the opposite page to my uni graduation. The cards from this spread are from the Midnight Edition and are a grey/kraft look . I also used the Becky Higgins Alpha Stickers in Grey. For the graduation page I cut up the front of the graduation booklet to make the title card.

IMG_3315 IMG_3316Only 1.5 weeks left and I will have reached my goal of documenting a whole year using weekly Project Life.


Project Life Weeks 45-47

After my massive catch up at the end of my prac I have remained up to date and on track to finish off the year. I am also beginning to think about how I am going to document my life in 2015, which I will share soon.

Here is week 45. Cards from this week came from the Kaisercraft Favourite Things Collection. I loved the days of the week title card where I could document something from each day.


Here is week 46. I used cards from the Kiwi Edition along with some older Amy Tangerine stickers and 2 die cuts (the sentiments) from Kaisercraft.

For week 47 I had to adjust my usual page layout as I wanted to keep the order of the photos chronological and I also had a lot to write so needed to put my week title on a 3×4 card. Cards from this week are from the Blush Edition, with American Crafts white thickers and Studio Calico printable labels.


Project Life Weeks 36-44

Wow, I hadn’t realised I was so behind in posting my PL spreads. With finishing up all of my assignments before heading to the Cook Islands and then starting my final prac the day after I can home I had to prioritise school work over PL for a few weeks. But I have caught up, I decided last minute to take Big Picture Classes Catch Up on Project Life Class which gave some ideas and motivation to catch up, plus prac is now over so I have more time.

As I was super busy in my “prac bubble” (as I liked to call it) I didn’t take as many photos as I wasn’t doing as much – it was the same thing most days, so I combined two weeks into one page. Week 40 is missing as that was while I was in the Cook Islands and my plan is to print a 12×12 photo to represent the week and do daily spreads of the trip in my Holiday Album. Here are my pages.

Week 36-37 – I used cards from the Kiwi Edition


Week 38-39 – These cards are from a recent purchase of Kaiser Craft Captured Memories cards. There are from the line Favourite Things. I got them from one of the Kaiser Craft Clearance Stores as seconds (the colours were slightly off) and they only cost me about $2 per pack. In the bottom left hand space (filled with the “This moment makes me smile” card space will be a 4×6 photo that I’m waiting for a friend to email me.


Week 41-42 – This weeks cards come from the Aqua Edition and the clear stickers are from MAMBI.

Week 43-44 – This weeks cards come from the Blush Edition.


My week without internet and tv

I was lucky enough to be chosen to travel to Raratonga, Cook Islands for a week in late September. It was part of the GOLD 2014 program run by Girl Guides Australia and New Zealand. Our team of six spent the week delivering training to the Guide leaders of the Cook Islands, along with some free time exploring the Island.


Before I left I had checked whether or not I would have access to my mobile data over there but I was going to be limited to just calls and text. I had also researched the cost of internet cafes and wifi hotspots however once I arrived I decided that maybe it was a perfect time to cross off another two of my 101 in 1001 goals and switch off from Facebook and also TV and internet for a week. So from the moment I flew out of Sydney airport at 9pm on Saturday night to the moment I landed in Melbourne on Sunday morning a week later I was internet and TV free. I do admit that during the flight to Raratonga I watched a few shows on the inflight entertainment and on my flight home from Auckland to Melbourne in the early hours of Sunday morning I did watch a movie but other than that I did not use them.


Of course this was probably the easiest place to do so – I firstly didn’t have easy access to the internet and I was preoccupied with the trainings and the fact that I was on a TROPICAL ISLAND PARADISE (see photos above)! I had a few moments where I went to “google” something that I didn’t know the answer for and I did wonder if there were any important emails coming in. But nothing major happened, I didn’t miss anything big (except for my friend having a baby but it was only 24 hours late I got the news) and the world did not end because I couldn’t update my status every day. I did miss Instagram a little, which has become my new favourite thing, and since coming home I have unsubscribed myself from a lot of email lists that clog up my inbox. Not that I watch a lot of TV, but I had shows recording at home (“The Block”, “Castle”, “The Mentalist” – these are the main shows I watch these days) and I caught up then, I am now more conscious of what I “want” to watch rather than mindless viewing.

So what did I do with all my free time, I read on my Kindle (Game of Thrones – Book 3), went snorkelling and swimming, we cycled around the island, chatted with my new friends and crossed off another of my goals – trying new cocktails. I had three to go out of five (I had already had two in Tasmania). It was a great timing to rest and relax before starting my final prac.

Halfway Point


I’ve officially made it to halfway through my 1001 days, you would think that being halfway through I should have completed half of my “things” however that is not the case.

Technically, I have completed 17 things on my 101 things in 1001 days list. So I’m around 16% complete at the moment and looking at my list I have things in progress, so another 6-7 will definitely be completed by the end of the year such as finishing off my teaching degree and completing a weekly Project Life album.

Many of the things are pretty hard for me to do at the moment as I am living at home and only have a small space to live so many of my goals around setting up a house and making home decorating items are impossible. Also some of my goals have the end date of the 1001st day.

I’ve really enjoyed this challenge so far and I’m going to keep going with it. I feel that next year once I’m back in my own place and working full-time again I can afford the time and money to complete some of these challenges.