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How am I “reading” more books?

When I first set my goal to read all the books on a 101 best books list I thought it wouldn’t be took hard. But life got busy and some of the books were quite wordy so I really wasn’t making a lot of progress. At the start of this year I still had 70 or so to go (and I had read around 18 before I started the challenge) there was no way it was gonna happen. 

At the end of April I listened to a podcast episode of Elise Gets Crafty where she discussed the notion of Fringe Hours.  Fringe Hours are the pockets of time within each day where you can accomplish something just for you, and the idea that identifying those pockets of time and not wasting them is a way to not feel guilty about doing something for yourself. During this episode, which I was listening to during my 45 minute commute to work, there was the brief mention of listening to podcast or audiobooks whilst commuting/waiting/errand running. This gave me the idea that instead of stressing about “reading” all these books, and I was really missing the joy of reading, I could find out a way to “listen” to these books whilst I’m driving to and from work. I spend around 10 hours a week commuting and usually listen to podcasts but I have been re-listening to past episodes so why not listen to something new. 
Since my list was alphabetical by author I started with Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice, I was surprised that my local library has many of the titles there for me to borrow on CD (some old school technology) so I have been borrowing out a couple of titles at a time and listening each day. In the last 9 weeks I have listened to 7 audiobooks and also found the time to read 4 physical books. Crazy! 

I have 56 books left on my list, I may not get them all listened to/read by the end of the 1001 days but I will be a hell of a lot closer than if I hadn’t started to use my Fringe Hours. 


Project Life 2015 Weeks 5-7

This past weekend the weather was pretty terrible, Cyclone Marcia hit Queensland and on the Gold Coast we dealt with her aftermath. So I had some time on Saturday to “catchup” on a few spreads. I had printed some of the photos previously but hadn’t had a chance to sit down and finish them off, so here are my most recent weeks.

Week 5 started with Australia Day and my first week as a teacher. Cards are from the Honey edition, sticker are Amy Tangerine and labels Studio Calico printables.


During week 6 I didn’t take many photos (these photos are all from Friday and Saturday). The “I heart today” card is from the Honey edition. This page also includes my February 101 in 1001 goals and Currently card.


For week 7s spread I used cards from the Journal Theme pack along with MAMBI stickers. IMG_0025

And that’s a wrap. Pretty close to being up to date so jusy need to keep swimming. 

Project Life 2015 Weeks 1-4

Welcome to my Project Life sharing for 2015. As I mentioned in my previous post I’m continuing with my system of one 12×12 page per week using these Paislee Press Week in Review cards consistent across my pages.

For week 1 I used a free printable “Hello 2015” from Laurel Lane printed onto a Midnight edition card and a Currently card from rukristen. I kept the rest simple (for me) with some labels and stickers.

Week 2 cards come from the Aqua edition again with labels and a few stickers. I am already noticing that my spreads are less bulky than last year.

For week 3 I had a some bigger stories and more photos I wanted to include but not enough to warrant two 12×12 pages so I added an extra Design H page protector with 4 photos from my Saturday adventures, planning to use the other side for extra photos from week 4. The cards from this week are from the Journal Theme Kit.IMG_0020

I used Aqua edition cards for week 4s spread which included the back of the design H page protector from last week. IMG_0021 I have been finding that with the craziness of the new school year and my new job that I am having to wait until the next weekend to work on my spreads from the previous week. But when I get a chance I will fill out the week in review card and sort through my photos ready to print when I get a change.

Halfway Point


I’ve officially made it to halfway through my 1001 days, you would think that being halfway through I should have completed half of my “things” however that is not the case.

Technically, I have completed 17 things on my 101 things in 1001 days list. So I’m around 16% complete at the moment and looking at my list I have things in progress, so another 6-7 will definitely be completed by the end of the year such as finishing off my teaching degree and completing a weekly Project Life album.

Many of the things are pretty hard for me to do at the moment as I am living at home and only have a small space to live so many of my goals around setting up a house and making home decorating items are impossible. Also some of my goals have the end date of the 1001st day.

I’ve really enjoyed this challenge so far and I’m going to keep going with it. I feel that next year once I’m back in my own place and working full-time again I can afford the time and money to complete some of these challenges.

Instax Day in the Life

I got a Instax Mini 25 in January for my anniversary present and I have used it a little bit so when I decided to do a Day in the Life I thought what a great opportunity to use the film that I have laying around at home. I took the approach of taking a photo every hour or so during the day and put reminders in my phone to alert me as I most definetly would have forgotten by lunch time.



To display the 13 instax that I took over the course of the day used a WRMK 8.5 x 11 9 pocket page protector and some inspiration from Ali Edwards. I laid the instax in the order I wanted in the pockets and stuck them back to back with double sided craft tape.  I recently was given an electric type writer from my mum that had been sitting around at her work for years – surprising it still works. I typed up a brief overview of what happened this day in 4 sections – Morning, Midday, Afternoon and Evening. I was gifted a Motex Embossing Label Maker for my birthday and haven’t really used it yet. I made labels with the times and a description e.g. 1pm LUNCH and stuck to the bottom of the photos. I also used the label maker to write the titles for the journalling cards and “day in the life”.


I used Ali Edwards trick of stapling the photos using my Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher to the page protector so they floated in the middle of the pocket. I finished off the title card with some washi tape, a date stamp, Amy Tangerine’s Camera Stamp and Kellie Stamps Today Stamp (not sure if that set is still available but similar one available from Elise Joy). This will fit perfectly into my PL Album.