How am I “reading” more books?

When I first set my goal to read all the books on a 101 best books list I thought it wouldn’t be took hard. But life got busy and some of the books were quite wordy so I really wasn’t making a lot of progress. At the start of this year I still had 70 or so to go (and I had read around 18 before I started the challenge) there was no way it was gonna happen. 

At the end of April I listened to a podcast episode of Elise Gets Crafty where she discussed the notion of Fringe Hours.  Fringe Hours are the pockets of time within each day where you can accomplish something just for you, and the idea that identifying those pockets of time and not wasting them is a way to not feel guilty about doing something for yourself. During this episode, which I was listening to during my 45 minute commute to work, there was the brief mention of listening to podcast or audiobooks whilst commuting/waiting/errand running. This gave me the idea that instead of stressing about “reading” all these books, and I was really missing the joy of reading, I could find out a way to “listen” to these books whilst I’m driving to and from work. I spend around 10 hours a week commuting and usually listen to podcasts but I have been re-listening to past episodes so why not listen to something new. 
Since my list was alphabetical by author I started with Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice, I was surprised that my local library has many of the titles there for me to borrow on CD (some old school technology) so I have been borrowing out a couple of titles at a time and listening each day. In the last 9 weeks I have listened to 7 audiobooks and also found the time to read 4 physical books. Crazy! 

I have 56 books left on my list, I may not get them all listened to/read by the end of the 1001 days but I will be a hell of a lot closer than if I hadn’t started to use my Fringe Hours. 


One response to “How am I “reading” more books?

  1. Fab idea. I am struggling to read one book a month at the moment.

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